Easy Link Building Method

Easy Link Building Method

Do you want to improve your website’s SEO? If so, then you may already know that you will need to build a lot of relevant links back to your website. How do you build backlinks? Spread your domain name around, post in forums, blogs, submit to directories, etc. That does not mean spam your link on every blog you come across. The website that is linking to your website must have content that is relevant to yours, in order to actually receive a benefit SEO wise. This is why when learning about SEO you may often hear the term quality backlinks.

The example below is a great way to find relevant blogs that will allow to you gain an effective link.

Step 1.)
Visit Google.com

Step 2.)
Enter your website’s primary keyword into Google’s search box with a space after it.

Step 3.)
Copy the following line and paste it after your keyword.

“Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.”

Step 4.)
Press the search button and submit the form.

For example:
For the purpose of this blog I would probably enter the search term:
web design “Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.”
If I had a website that was centered around yoga, I would enter the following search term
yoga “Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.”

The search results that you will receive all should all point to relevant blogs that have the WordPress KeywordLuv plugin installed. The KeywordLuv plugin allows for greater control over the anchor text that is displayed when a user posts a comment. If done correctly, you should be able to gain quite a few quality backlinks using this link building method.