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We specalize in creative web design, advanced web development, internet marketing and search engine optimization. Our extensive experience in all aspects of web design and careful attention to detail allows Wichita Web Designer to implement exceptional online presences that work.

What sets Wichita Web Designer apart from eveyone else? We are not your typical web design company. We produce websites that have incredible search engine optimization to ensure that your business's marketing strategy will be a success. We work closely with our clients, offering consulting, training, traffic generation and much more. The products we deliver will impress your clients, customers and competitors as well as enhance your business's professionalism and appearance.

Creating an online presence with all of today's technology is difficult. In order to effectively sell your product, brand your business, and drive tons of traffic to your website... You need the right expertise.

Interested in web design services? Contact us and discover what a professional web developer with internet marketing knowlegde can do for you.

Easy Link Building Method

Easy Link Building Method Do you want to improve your website’s SEO? If so, then you may already know that you will need to build a lot of relevant links back to your website. How do you build backlinks? Spread your domain name around, post in forums, blogs, submit to directories, etc. That does not […]

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WP functions outside of WordPress

WP functions outside of WordPress Have you ever needed to call WordPress functions outside of WordPress? If you operate a website and have WordPress installed in a sub-directory. For example, a directory called “blog” within the root level of your website. Then you can relate to the difficulties that can be involved with bringing WordPress […]

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Remove the border around links

Remove the border around links Remove the dotted border around hyper links by adding the following code to your CSS.

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